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Dubrovnik and Split, Croatia!

Dubrovnik and Split, Croatia! One of the well-known summer destinations for Europeans.
You may ask if why are we offering it? Find out why below:

Flights: Flights from Dubai to Croatia is available daily (Fly Dubai (Direct), Turkish Airline (Connecting flight), Emirates (connecting flight))

Visa: Multiple Entry Shengen Visa or you may apply visa to your nearest VFS Visa Office

Price: Budget friendly destination.

Regardless of whether you are visiting Dubrovnik for the first time or the hundredth, the sense of awe never fails to descend when you set eyes on the beauty of the old town. This city has everything from breathtaking views, historic buildings, and gorgeous natural wonders. Dubrovnik is truly one-of-a-kind city that should be at the top of anyone’s travel itinerary, especially as the weather in Dubrovnik remains good even long summer passes.

With cheap flights to Dubrovnik coming more often we bet you’ll find yourself planning a vacation to this incredible city soon.


Dubrovnik and Split, Croatia:

In 1979, Dubrovnik was awarded as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. Known for the well preserved Old Walled City. This city is located facing the Adriatic Sea and used to be a major Maritime Trade location in the old times but now is a major tourist stop for Cruise Ships especially during the summer.

Dubrovnik got a major spotlight after being used by Game of Thrones Kings Landing, Star wars Episode 8, Robin Hood, and many other movies as their filming locations. This is a big thing if you are a major fan of these shows. Dubrovnik is home to several locations used in filming the hit TV show ‘Game of Thrones. It’s the proper setting of King’s Landing, the capital of the fictional Seven Kingdoms realm. They also have their Old Walled City similar to Dubrovnik. One of the famous place to visit here is The Palace of Diocletian which was built in the Medieval Ages.


The city of Split is also awarded as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. Located 1-hour drive away from Dubrovnik along the coastal area of the Adriatic Sea, this city offers a more Summer Feel or Touch since it has more beaches and resorts.

Both city offers a lot of activities such as cruises, historical tours, island hopping and dozens of museums to be discovered. We would highly recommend you to rent a scooter and tour around the cities to maximize your experience!

Both cities are well known especially for the summer because of their amazing Festivals, Beach Parties and Live Music which only happens during this season.

Accommodation is not a problem since they have vast options of accommodation types from Apartelles to Luxury Hotels.

No doubt that the food is amazing in this country especially the very rich Sea Food options.

Top Experiences in Dubrovnik

The Island of Lokrum. Get on a boat (leaves every half an hour) and discover the same yet must-see island that has a salt-water lake.

City Walls & Forts. Top choice fort in Dubrovnik. No visit to Dubrovnik would be complete without a walk around the spectacular city walls, the finest in the world and the city’s main claim to fame.

National Park island of Mljet. Get active in Croatia and cycle or hike for the day and oysters.

Cable Car. Dubrovnik’s cable car whisks you from just north of the city walls to Mt Srd in under four minutes. At the end of the line there’s a stupendous perspective of the city from a lofty 405m, taking in the terracotta-tiled rooftops of the old town and the island of Lokrum, with the Adriatic and distant Elafiti Islands filling the horizon.


It may seem to be a very simple country with a well-preserved history which may sound boring to others. However, it’s a must to visit and discover everything here personally and be amazed of it’s beauty! Stroll around the city with a scooter and feel like you’re a local. Imagine every sequence of events that happened in each place you’ll see.

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